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The Scrolls of Japan

This series of twenty one unique necklaces takes it’s inspiration from Kakejiku, or hanging scroll of Japan.

These hanging scrolls are used to display and exhibit paintings and calligraphy inscriptions and designs mounted usually with silk fabric edges on a flexible backing, so that it can be rolled for storage.

The "Maruhyōsō" style of kakejiku has four distinct named sections. The top section is called the "ten" - heaven. The bottom is the "chi" - earth with the "hashira" pillars supporting the heaven and earth on the sides. The maruhyōsō style, also contains a section of "ichimonji" made from "kinran" gold thread.

On observation, the Ten is longer than the Chi. This is because in the past, Kakemono were viewed from a kneeling (seiza) position and provided perspective to the "Honshi" main work. This tradition carries on to modern times.

Each necklace has a hidden individual miniature artwork printed on a silk scroll which can be pulled out and dispayed or rolled back up so only the wearer knows it’s there. The original artwork comes with each necklace to be hung at home and a bespoke glass fronted display box.

All of these necklaces are P.O.A. If you wish to know more about them please do get in touch via email or the CONTACT US page. 

All designs are copyright of House of Powell.

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