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Snakes and serpents have been used in nearly every ancient culture as symbols for spirit, the divine, enlightenment, and the power of transformation, and of fertility or a creative life force.  

Serpent worship has been around for millennia, from the ancient Egyptians with their Uraeus coiled upon their foreheads, the Greeks had the god Python and the Romans had snakes protecting the Oracle at Delphi. The Nagas of Burma, Siam and Cambodia, the brazen serpent of the Jews and even the Druids worshiped the sacred serpent. We still see them in our modern medical symbol, which has it's origin in Asclepius's staff and Hermes' Caduceus. 


This collection is a celebration of all things serpent. With their sensual coils and fluid shapes they lend themselves perfectly to some stunning jewels.   

The Cobra encircles and protects the central emerald. Making a real red carpet statement this oversized Cocktail Ring is set with 4.42cts of white diamonds and 0.93ct of small emeralds and a 20mm x 15mm 14.34ct oval emerald centre.

The Cobra Cocktail Ring
Snake and Key

The Snake and Key

This pendant is double sided, fully pave set with 1.25cts of white diamonds and 3.8cts of emeralds. In 18ct yellow and white gold with black rhodium. 

The Coiled Serpent Cluster Ring

This Serpent coils itself round the cluster ring biting down on the diamond.

In 18ct yellow and white gold, set with 1.03cts of emeralds and 1.62cts of diamonds. 

Chandelier Earrings-2
The Entwined Cobra Chandelier Earrings

These snakes loop and entwine each other, creating this delicate knot.

In 18ct white and yellow gold, set with 3.79cts of diamonds in total and 14.54cts of emeralds.

Chandelier Earrings-1
The Sleeping Tree Snakes Hoop Earrings

The Tree Snake delicately drapes and coils itself warming itself up for the day ahead. 

In 18ct yellow and white gold, set with a total of 5.02cts of emeralds and 0.82cts of diamonds.

Cobra earrings-2
Cobra earrings-1
The Striking Cobra Drop Earrings

Ready to strike and protect. These drop earrings are in 18ct yellow gold. Set with a total of 4.33cts of diamonds and 9.28cts of emeralds. 

Serpent Bracelet

These linked serpents entwine the wrist.

In 18ct white and yellow gold set with 0.97cts of emeralds and 4.15cts of diamonds.

Or in 18ct yellow and white gold set with 3.20cts of emeralds and 1.25cts of diamonds. 

The Tahitian Pearl Serpent Necklace

This 30" strand of Tahitian pearls are evenly interspersed with the double snakes in a continuous loop allowing the wearer to double up or wear long. 

Or in 18ct yellow and white gold set with 4.80cts of emeralds and 1.50cts of diamonds. 

Single Snake through ear Drop Earrings

These small single snake drop earrings appear to hang through the ear.

In 18ct white and yellow gold set with a total of 0.64cts of diamonds and 3.06cts of emeralds. 

Single Snake Ring

These single snake rings come in three different stone options. all in 18ct yellow and white gold. 


1. Set wit all emerald and a total of 1.75cts.


2. Set with a 0.93ct emerald and a total of 1.07cts of diamonds. 


3. Set with a 1.20ct diamond and a total of 0.82cts of emeralds.


All of these pieces are P.O.A. If you wish to know more about them please do get in touch via email or the CONTACT US page. 

All designs are copyright of House of Powell.

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