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The Scrolls of Japan


This series of twenty one unique necklaces takes it’s inspiration from Kakejiku, or hanging scroll of Japan.

These hanging scrolls are used to display and exhibit paintings and calligraphy inscriptions and designs mounted usually with silk fabric edges on a flexible backing, so that it can be rolled for storage.

The "Maruhyōsō" style of kakejiku has four distinct named sections. The top section is called the "ten" - heaven. The bottom is the "chi" - earth with the "hashira" pillars supporting the heaven and earth on the sides. The maruhyōsō style, also contains a section of "ichimonji" made from "kinran" gold thread. On observation, the Ten is longer than the Chi. This is because in the past, Kakemono were viewed from a kneeling (seiza) position and provided perspective to the "Honshi" main work. This tradition carries on to modern times.


Each necklace has a hidden individual miniature artwork printed on a silk scroll which can be pulled out and dispayed or rolled back up so only the wearer knows it’s there. The original artwork comes with each necklace to be hung at home and a bespoke glass fronted display box. 

Serpentia logo 1.jpg


Snakes and serpents have been used in nearly every ancient culture as symbols for spirit, the divine, enlightenment, and the power of transformation, and of fertility or a creative life force.  

Serpent worship has been around for millennia, from the ancient Egyptians with their Uraeus coiled upon their foreheads, the Greeks had the god Python and the Romans had snakes protecting the Oracle at Delphi. The Nagas of Burma, Siam and Cambodia, the brazen serpent of the Jews and even the Druids worshiped the sacred serpent. We still see them in our modern medical symbol, which has it's origin in Asclepius's staff and Hermes' Caduceus. 


This collection is a celebration of all things serpent. With their sensual coils and fluid shapes they lend themselves perfectly to some stunning jewels.   

Mon Chevalier

As most Men's jewellery can often be on the conservative side of design, I wanted to push the boundaries of what men 'think' they can, or should be wearing. This collection of rings show that there are no limits to how bold you can be and really make a personal statement with scale, colour and design. Gemstones are not just for ladies jewellery and metals are not just limited to high polished finishes. These rings are made in silver, some with oxidized and satin finishes, others highly polished. Yellow gold and rose gold are used to contrast, as inlay or as a stand alone statement. A liberal amount of gemstones of many shapes, colours and sizes are also used and in some cases can be changed for individual tastes. 

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