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As most Men's jewellery can often be on the conservative side of design, I wanted to push the boundaries of what men 'think' they can, or should be wearing. This collection of rings show that there are no limits to how bold you can be and really make a personal statement with scale, colour and design. Gemstones are not just for ladies jewellery and metals are not just limited to high polished finishes. These rings are made in silver, some with oxidized and satin finishes, others highly polished. Yellow gold and rose gold are used to contrast, as inlay or as a stand alone statement. A liberal amount of gemstones of many shapes, colours and sizes are also used and in some cases can be changed for individual tastes. 


All pieces are price on request. Any customization to any of the designs is at House of Powell's discretion. Finger size can be changed on most designs. If you are interested in any of the designs please get in touch and we can discuss further. 

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